What is a domain name? Why do you have to register this domain name again? Many of us who are new have many questions about this, this post is for them. Hopefully, after reading this post, all the questions you have about the domain will be clear.

What is a domain name:

A domain is an English word. Its Bengali meaning is place or address. Which is mainly used in the virtual online world. However, a domain name usually refers to the name of a website. Let us know the following example.

Suppose you set up a small startup as well as give it a nice and unique name so that people can easily understand what kind of service you want to provide. By doing so, the next time a customer goes to pick up the service you provide, they can easily find your business by the name you provide. For example: – Send, easy, talk about development. These are basically the names of a business organization that we can easily understand what kind of services they provide and how people can easily find their address.

In the same way, the domain name is the name by which people will find the website of your business organization online. Through which everyone will visit your website using that name and at the same time will be able to take the necessary services.

What is a domain name
What is a domain name?

Reasons to register a domain name:

If you want to establish your own service or business-related website online, you must register a domain name. Let’s look at the example below.

We’ve all heard the name send more or less. They mainly provide ride-sharing and courier services. If they had provided all those services in the previous traditional way, there would never have been such a big multi-million company. They have registered their domain names online since founding the company and have created websites as well as mobile apps to ensure faster service. As a result, customers can easily connect with them through websites and mobile apps and use their services.

Now you either want to set up a startup or have already done so. At the same time, you also want to provide the service provided by you through the website. So if you just build a website, customers will never find your website. That’s why you need to register a domain in May and buy a hosting package to keep that website running all the time.

Hopefully, why do you have to register a domain name? Got a little idea about it.

How to buy a domain name and hosting service:

At present, there are many companies in Bangladesh that provide domain name registration and web hosting services at a lower cost than foreign companies. You can easily buy from them with Bikash and Rocket. However, many people try to sell domain name registration and web hosting services at low prices through flattering advertisements and publicity. You need to get services from those companies that you see (customer review, after-sales service, uptime, moneyback policy, etc.).

Visit the link below for details on how to buy hosting services from a local company.


Time and domain do not wait for anyone. So if you haven’t bought any domain of your choice, buy it quickly. Otherwise, it may be taken over by someone else.

Hopefully after reading this post what is a domain name? Why do I have to register a domain name? And you can learn more about how to buy a domain and hosting service. Also, if you have any comments on this topic, be sure to comment. Many good wishes. Thanks!