Web 2.0

  • Web 2.0 may be a word that was introduced in 2004 and refers to the second generation of the (WWW) World Wide internet. The word “2.0” comes from the computer code trade, wherever new versions of computer code programs area unit tagged with Associate in Nursing progressive version variety. just like the computer code, the new generation of the net includes new options and practicality that wasn’t offered within the past. Anyway, Web 2.0 doesn’t seek advice from a particular version of the Webs, however rather a series of technological enhancements. Some samples of options thought of to be a part of internet a pair of.0 area unit listed below:


Blogs – conjointly called Weblogs, these permit users to post thoughts and updates regarding their life on the net.


Wikis/sites like Wikipedia and different web-enabled users from around the world to feature and update online content.

Social networking

Social networking – sites like Facebook and MySpace permit users to create and customize their own profiles and communicate with friends. Web applications area unit a broad vary of recent applications to form it attainable for users to run programs directly in an exceedingly applications program.

Web 2.0 technologies give tier of user interaction that wasn’t offered before. Lsitots of Webs have become rather more dynamic and interconnected, manufacturing (online communities) and creating it even easier to share data on the net. Because most internet a pair of.0 options area unit offered as free services, sites like Wikipedia and Facebook have full-grown at surprisingly quick rates. As the sites still grow, additional options area unit intercalary, building off the technologies in situ. So, whereas the internet a pair of.0 is also a static label given to the new era of the net, the particular technology continues to evolve and alter

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