Currently, WordPress is one of the most popular CMS (Content Management System) blogging platform in the world. You can easily create a beautiful WordPress blog or website by installing it on your hosting account. So for those who are blogging or have one or two websites of their own, WordPress is nothing new. Again, the number of people who are creating sites with WordPress and affiliating various e-commerce sites is also increasing day by day.

So those of us who use WordPress sites. We never want our website to be slow. Moreover, site speed is a big factor in Google’s search rankings. So there is a lot of need for speed optimization of your WordPress site.

How to increase the speed of your WordPress site

First of all, analyze the current loading time of your website. You will find many paid and free tools by searching Google to check how long it takes for the website to load. However below we have mentioned some free tools. With these tools, you can easily know the current loading time of your website.
How to increase WordPress website Speed

So let’s learn from the discussion below, how to increase the speed of your WordPress site? He follows a number of effective methods.

1. Choose the Best Hosting:

One of the reasons why the loading speed of your site is low is to take a hosting package from a low quality hosting company. So, before buying a hosting package, make sure to check the services of that hosting company and then purchase. Besides foreign hosting companies, there are many good quality hosting companies in Bangladesh. From there you can easily buy a dedicated hosting package for your site with bKash, Rocket, and other payment methods.

How to buy good quality hosting? You can read this post to know.

2. Choose the Perfect Theme:

Theme selection is very important in creating a WordPress site. Because visitors value it. Many times theme developers usually focus more on aesthetics than speed. So the themes become heavy later. So choose a theme that looks stylish, at the same time light, and works fast.

Currently, one of the most widely used paid themes is Avada which you can use if you want. And if you want to use a free theme, then you must see the review of the theme. By doing this you will get a good idea about using that free theme.

3. Optimize Your Images:

Giving a larger image to a WordPress site makes the site heavier which has a big impact on the site’s loading time. So in case of uploading an image on the site, upload an image that is relatively small in size and also has good quality. You can do this image optimization in two ways. Firstly, optimize the image while uploading the image using the plugin specified on the site (eg WP Smushit) and secondly, optimize the image with various editing software such as Adobe Photoshop, GIMP, etc. and then upload it to the site.

4. Use Perfect and Fewest Plugin:

The need to use plugins on WordPress sites is immense. This does not mean that you will use unnecessary plugins. So use as many, accurate, and minimal plugins as possible. There are also several plugins that can reduce the loading speed of your WordPress site. So before installing the plugin, check the reviews and ratings of those plugins.

In addition to using the plugin if you want, you can finish a lot of work on the WordPress site through coding.

5. Use Caching Plugin and CDN (Use Caching Plugin and CDN):

In general, using a caching plugin will allow your WordPress site to load faster. Below are the names of two popular WordPress caching plugins-

As well as using CDN or Content Delivery Network (CDN – Content Delivery Network) all the content of your site (such as Text, Images, Html, etc.) from the hosting server to the user in a faster way. This reduces the pressure on your main server and the site is fast. Here are two popular CDNs for speed boost:

6. Optimize Your Database

As a default option in WordPress, every time you edit or update a post, a revision file will be saved in the database. The advantage of this is that if you make a mistake, you can retrieve the content from the revision copy. And the problem is that due to unnecessary data accumulation in the database, it takes more time to make a query and the site becomes slow. For which there are many WordPress plugins (WP-Optimize, WP DBManger) that will keep your database free from all these unnecessary data. You can also try the Post Revision Control Plugin.

7. Keep the theme, plugin, and WordPress version updated

Always keep up to date with themes, plugins, and WordPress versions used for your WordPress site Speed. Typically, many times the WordPress version is updated, so the themes and plugins used may not work in this update. In this case, update the version of WordPress late until a version is completely changed. This will save your WordPress site from being slow and hacked. However, do not forget to back up the site before each update

In addition, the homepage will not have any extra and unnecessary content, limit the number of post revision, monitor the performance of the plugin will increase your WordPress site speed.

Hopefully, following these tips will not affect the loading speed of your WordPress site. If you like the article, don’t forget to share it. If you have any questions about this, please let us know by commenting below.