How to add a media library in WordPress- (WordPress Tutorial)

The following are the steps to understand Media Library.

Step (1) − Click on Media → Library in WordPress.

WordPress Media Library

Step (2) − You can view media files like images, audios, videos. Click on the Add Media button.

WordPress Media Library

Step (3) − The Upload New Media page gets displayed. You can learn how to Add Media in the next chapter.

WordPress Media Library

Step (4) − You can view a bar as shown in the following screenshot.

WordPress Media Library

The various tabs that appear have the following functions −

List View − Displays the images and videos in the list form.

WordPress Media Library

Grid View − Displays all images in the grid format as shown in the following screen.

WordPress Media Library

Filter the images and videos − Filters the images and videos.

Search Box − Helps to search a particular image by inserting the name into the box.

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