Hi, we’re all love freebies and it should not be surprising that there are so many freebies in free web hosting that you know where? So, Not all things are free, and now we’re going to see what this web hosting service (host of free) and “almost free” have to offer us.

Free Hosting Platforms – Quick Comparisons:

Free Hosting Ad-free Disk Space Bandwidth

  • Hostinger: Disk Space: 25GB Bandwidth: Unlimited
  • Weebly: Disk Space: 500MB Bandwidth: Unknown
  • Wix: Disk Space: 500MB Bandwidth: 500MB
  • 000Webhost: Disk Space: 1GB Bandwidth: 10GB
  • 5GBfree: Disk Space: 5GB Bandwidth: 20GB
  • Awardspace: Disk Space: 1GB Bandwidth: 5GB
  • Byethost: Disk Space: 1GB Bandwidth: 50GB
  • Dreamnix: Disk Space: 1GB Bandwidth: 1GB
  • Freehostia: Disk Space: 250MB Bandwidth: 6GB
  • FreeHosting.com: Disk Space: 10GB Bandwidth: Unmetered
  • FreeHostingEU: Disk Space: 200MB Bandwidth: 4GB
  • Freehostingnoads.net: Disk Space: 1GB Bandwidth: 5GB
  • Freevirtualservers: Disk Space: 100MB Bandwidth: 1GB
  • Freewebhostingarea: Disk Space: 1.5GB Bandwidth: Unlimited
  • InstaFree: Disk Space: 10GB Bandwidth: 100GB

Notes & Caveats:

All of the Free web hostings often come with various risks hence and we do not recommend them to serious website owners.

Do you Know? Hostinger is not completely free but extremely cheap at signup Only ($ 0.80 / month) – these are included in the list as an option.

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