Dos and don'ts when it comes to wearing a mask

But when we look around, we see that many people do not know or do not follow the rules of wearing a mask in the right way. As a result, many of us get infected with the covid 19 virus even after taking one or two doses of the vaccine. Improper wearing of masks and not wearing masks are equally harmful. Which can cause serious disaster for you and your family. That is why it is important to know what to do and what to avoid when wearing a mask.

Things to keep in mind while wearing a mask:

  • 1. Before touching the mask, hands should always be washed thoroughly with soap and water or disinfected with hand sanitizer.
  • 2. Always wear a clean and sterile mask. Masks with holes or dirt should not be worn.
  • 3. The mask should be worn in such a way that the face, nose, and cheeks (up to the chin) are well covered and there are no gaps.
  • 4. The mask worn on the face should be changed if it gets dirty or wet for any reason.
  • 5. Under no circumstances should mask be opened in public places.
  • 5. If you need to open the mask in an emergency, you must open the mask in a little space.
  • 6. Before opening the mask, both hands must be washed thoroughly with soap and water or disinfected with hand sanitizer.
  • 7. While opening the mask, use two fingers to open the mask by holding the elastic bands or gits below the ears. Under no circumstances should you touch the front of the mask.
  • 8. After opening the mask, both hands should be washed thoroughly and disinfected.
  • 9. Cloth masks should be washed after each use and stored in a clean separate bag. And medical or surgical masks are single use only. So they should be thrown away in a lidded waste basket after use.


Things to avoid while wearing a mask:

  • 1. While wearing a mask, it should not be pulled under the nose in any way.
  • 2. The muzzle should not be left open.
  • 3. The mask cannot be pulled down the nose.
  • 4. Do not touch repeatedly while wearing the mask.
  • 5. Masks should not be worn loosely.
  • 6. Dirty, damaged, or wet masks should not be worn.
  • 7. The mask used by one person cannot be used by another person in any way.

Wearing, opening, and maintaining masks properly is very important for the health of you and your family and for the safety of everyone around you. Let us wear masks properly. Save your life and others.

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