5 Best Hosting Providers For WordPress

To be very honest, picking the right hosting provider for blogging is very essential. Unfortunately, most of the beginners often ignore it, rather they choose such hosting that not exactly meet up their needs.

Eventually, many of them, even don’t know exactly what is the role of hosting. As a result, this is very important to know what points to be considered in the event of selecting a hosting provider. Therefore, we listed here some vital things to consider while taking hosting providers;

  • Uptime

This is a single important thing to consider. If your hosting uptime regularly becomes below 99.95, then you should have to change it, now.

  • Server Requirement

Keep in mind whatever the hosting provider you are going to take, which obviously should meet the latest WordPress server requirement, HTTPS support, Nginx, for instance.

  • Speed

Unquestionably speed is one of the most predictive factors to be considered while choosing hosting providers. Select the hosting that offers fast speed.

  • Price

There are tons of providers giving cheap rates at the same time offering outstanding benefits. So as a beginner, go for the cheap one that also meets your necessities.

  • Customer support

You should be keen to select the hosting provider who is giving 24/7 live chat support to fix any types of WordPress related issues.

Considering all the above important matters we have thus listed herewith 5 Web hosting providers that meet your needs by all the means.

5 Best hosting providers for WordPress


1. BlueHost

This name comes first naturally in the time of discussing the best hosting providers. In light of this fact, BlueHost is the most popular hosting providers in the industry.

It giving tremendous service to its users in the long run. Let’s see what are the reason behind BlueHost becomes the most popular hosting provider in the market;

  • Uptime– Industry best uptime average: >99.99%.
  • WordPress Recommendation– This is officially recommended by WordPress.
  • Speed– Unlike others it is superfast.
  • Customer Support- 24/7 customers support.
  • Cheap- BlueHost starting package is super cheap, especially for the beginners and small business owners.
  • User-friendly- It is very easy to use. 1-Click WordPress Install.
  • Free SSL- BlueHost giving a free SSL certificate with every account.
  • Free Domain- You will get a domain name free with your registration.

Apart from the above features, BlueHost also gives you the chance to get your money back by 30 days if you are not satisfied with their service.

2. HostGator

Another giant in the hosting industry hosting over 10 million users worldwide. Hostgator also make them very popular in the industry by giving such a nice and quality service;

  • Uptime– Average: >99.99%.
  • WordPress Recommendation– HostGator officially recommended by WordPress.
  • Speed– Average speed of 407 ms.
  • Customer Support- 24/7 quick dialog with clients.
  • Cheap- Opening package is cheap, especially for the apprentices and minor commercial owners.
  • User-friendly- It is very stress-free to use.
  • Free SSL- Giving a free SSL certificate with every account.

After coming familiar with all the features of Hostgator, it might make sense to get this one as a hosting provider for you, undoubtedly.

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3. DreamHost

DreamHost also another popular hosting provider working for a very long time. It has more than 500000 users, especially most of them are from the USA. That is significant to its quality service, however.

If we look at the reason that makes it such a popular among the users in a very short time, and that is;

  • Uptime– Average uptime: >99.92%.
  • WordPress Recommendation– DreamHost also officially recommended by WordPress.
  • Speed– Average speed of 587 ms.
  • Customer Support- 24/7 live discussion with consumers.
  • Cheap- The opening package is precisely cheap.
  • User-friendly- Easy to practice.
  • Free SSL- A Free SSL certificate with every account.

So, you may go for it without any hesitation.

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4. SiteGround

This is another one of the best hosting providers for WordPress. And, it is also recommended by the WordPress community. It has some great features that make it very reliable in the industry.

  • Uptime– Average uptime: >99.99%.
  • WordPress Recommendation– SiteGround officially recommended by WordPress.
  • Speed– Average speed of 632 ms.
  • Customer Support- 24/7 quick dialog with clients.
  • Cheap- Opening package is cheaper compare with some others.
  • User-friendly- It is very simple to use.
  • Free SSL- You will get a free SSL certificate with every account.

5. Hostinger

Hostinger such a Webhosting that working for the users for a long time with a great service background. On the off chance that it is one of the cheapest hosting providers in the industry.

Now, let’s see what makes it one of the popular hosting provider among all the users;

  • Uptime– Industry average: >99.94%.
  • WordPress Recommendation– Hostinger is officially recommended by the WordPress community.
  • Speed– Average speed of 347 ms.
  • Customer Support- 24/7 live chat with consumers.
  • Cheap- Opening package is super cheap, particularly for the novices and minor commercial holders.
  • User-friendly- It is very cool to use.
  • Free SSL- Free SSL certificate with every account.

Hostinger, truth to be told, is the super cheap hosting provider in the industry. If you are looking for such a cheapest hosting provider, then you may use it.

In conclusion on the Best hosting providers for WordPress, we listed herewith 5 that are the most common and well-reputed also. However, if you give us a chance to choose the best one among the list above, we definitely recommend the BlueHost.

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